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​MJP Fabrication and Mechanical Services is a small, one stop shop for just about anything you can imagine. The shop was started in the true Makers Revolution style, in which the need to prototype, and fabricate anything on a small, one off economical scale, which has almost disappeared from the USA. The shop has the equipment to fabricate, and/or fix just about anything. From custom address monuments for your yard, to commisioned art pieces. We can do a "one off" prototype for your idea, or can work with you to develope an idea into reality. Welding capability in most materials. CNC plasma cutting up to 3/4" steel. Lathe and Milling machines. All wood working machines. We can even create custom pen's and/or stylus for you. The shops Motto is " If I can't build it or fix it it's probably not worth it."

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